Saturday, 28 May 2016

BRP leader met German Parliamentarian; State atrocities & HR situation in Balochistan briefed

Germany: President of the Baloch Republican Party Germany chapter, Mr. Jawad Mohammad Baloch, in a statement said that he met with Mr. Marian Wendt, the leader of CDU and a member of German Parliament, and briefed him about the Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan.
He was quoted mentioning with Mr. Wendt, particularly the worsening situation and human rights violations by Pakistani forces in Balochistan. The situation of Baloch refugees and frequent attacks against them by Pakistani state sponsored killers in Afghanistan and other countries were also discussed with the German parliamentarian, said Mr. Jawad, adding that the meeting with Mr.
Wendt was quite positive. The German leader has said that he had been analysing the situation in Balochistan and assured that he would take the issue to the Germany parliament and request the members of German government to adopt an explicit policy towards Balochistan.

بلو چ ری پبلکن پارٹی کے جرمنی چیپٹر کے صدر جواد محمد کی جر من رکن پارلیمنٹ سے ملاقات۔

جر منی ( ری پبلکن نیوز) بلوچ ریپبلکن پارٹی جرمنی چیپٹر کی جانب سے جاری بیان میں کہا گیا ہے کہ کہ پارٹی کے جرمنی میں صدر جواد محمد بلوچ نے جرمنی کے حکمراں جماعت کے رہنماء اور رکن جرمن پارلیمنٹ ماران ویڈٹ سے ملاقات کی اور انہیں بلوچستان میں جاری ریاستی مظالم کے بارے میں آگاہی دی۔ بیان میں کہا گیا ہے کہ جواد محمد نے جرمن رہنماء سے ملاقات میں انہیں بلوچستان کے سنگین صورت حال اور خاص طورپر ریاستی فورسز کی جانب سے انسانی حقوق کی خلاف ورزیوں کے بارے میں آگاء کیا۔جبکہ افغانستان اور دیگر ممالک میں دربدر بلوچ مہاجرین کی صورت حال اور انہیں نشانہ بنائے جانے کے حوالے سے بھی جرمن رکن پارلیمنٹ کو آگاہ کیا گیا۔ بیان میں مزید کہا گیا کہ جرمن رہنما ء سے بی آر پی کے نمائندے کی ملاقات بہت مثبت رہی۔ جرمن رہنما نے کہا کہ بلوچستان کے مسئلے پر ان کی پہلے سے نظر ہے اور انھونے یقین دہانی کرائی ہے کہ وہ اس مسئلے کو جرمن پارلیمنٹ میں اُٹھائینگے اورجرمن حکومتی نمائدگان کو
بلوچستان پر ایک واضح پالیسی مرتب کرنے کیلئے سفارشات پیش کرینگے۔


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Five days event in Germany to highlights the plight of Balochistan .BRP GERMANY

Date 11th to 15th April 2015.

Germany, Leipzig: President of Baloch Republican Party Germany Chapter, Jawad Mohammad Baloch, in his statement said that Amnesty international in collaboration with Baloch Republican Party has organized a five day awareness campaign at Leipzig University, exposing Pakistan’s war crimes in Balochistan. Photos of Baloch victims of Pakistan’s kill and dump operations were displayed during the five days exhibition while activists of BRP and BRSO were interviewed by the amnesty representatives regarding human rights violations in Balochistan. Moreover, a petition was signed by the students and local German citizens, urging German foreign ministry to take notice of the gross human rights abuses in Balochistan, On the fifth day of the event, a seminar was organized to draw attention towards Balochistan’s worsening human rights situation. Ms Segrid Krieg, Amnesty representative to Pakistan affairs in Germany, joined the event and answered the questions of the participants. Ms Kreig acknowledged that Pakistan has been committing heinous crimes in Balochistan she said “we have written to the concerned authorities regarding this issue but unfortunately the state of Pakistan has been constantly ignoring our requests.” She vowed to continue to raise awareness. Additionally, a protest was held at the end of the campaign to highlight Baloch struggle, sacrifices and human rights abuses in Balochistan. A large number of activists from all over Germany reached Leipzig and joined the demonstration. The protesters were carrying banners and placards in their hands, chanting various slogans against ongoing Baloch genocide and Chinese interference in Balochistan. Mr. Jawad, while speaking to the protesters said that Balochistan is once again witnessing another round of mass killings by Pakistani paramilitary forces. He further said that in last few days 47 innocent Baloch were killed while more than 300 were abducted along with women and children from various parts of Balochistan. “State of Pakistan must be held accountable for this brutal act of terrorism.” he added. He appealed to human right organizations and United Nations to take immediate and effective measures to prevent genocide of Baloch nation.